The science behind SmokeFree Baby

The content of SmokeFree Baby is based on evidence about what can help people stop smoking.

Current Research

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SmokeFree Baby is designed for pregnant women who want to tackle their smoking. It provides advice and support based on a core set of ‘behaviour change techniques’ (BCTs). BCTs are the active ingredients of behaviour change interventions, and include things such as goal setting, self-monitoring, providing rewards, retraining the way one thinks and feels, and reshaping one’s immediate environment.

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We are testing five components (‘modules’) of SmokeFree Baby to see which ones work best. By using the app pregnant women are helping us to do this, as different users will get different mix of components. The app records how successful women are at not smoking, their use of each module and whether they find it helpful. This will give us important information to design a definitive version of SmokeFree Baby, which can then be evaluated in a clinical trial.

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