Meet the team

SmokeFree Baby has been designed by a research team at University College London who specialise in smoking cessation.

Robert West

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Professor Robert West is a psychologist who has been researching into ways to help smokers quit for more than 30 years. He is author of a book for smokers called The SmokeFree Formula. He leads a team of researchers at University College London, advises governments on policy and helped to set up the NHS Stop Smoking Services. Robert smoked for a few years as an adolescent but stopped when his girlfriend at the time strongly objected. He had always intended to stop before it could do too much harm and fortunately had not developed a strong dependence.

Susan Michie

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Professor Susan Michie is a psychologist and a world leading expert in behaviour change theory and practice. She is Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change and the Health Psychology Research Group at University College London. She has worked with government in developing evidence-based guidelines for smoking cessation. Susan was promised money by her father to not smoke before she was 21. She got the money and has never smoked since.

Lion Shahab

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Dr Lion Shahab is a psychologist with expertise in tobacco control. He has a particular interest in the development of novel treatments to help people stop smoking. Lion used to be a pack-a-day smoker and successfully stopped a few years ago using a combination of behavioural support and medicine.

Jamie Brown

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Dr Jamie Brown is a psychologist with expertise in internet-based, learning research. He is especially interested in the role learning plays in addictive behaviours, such as smoking. Jamie stopped in 2009 - he never smoked heavily, but still found it hard to resist smoking when out drinking with friends.

Ildiko Tombor

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Dr Ildiko Tombor is a psychologist with expertise in behaviour change, such as smoking cessation. She is the main designer behind SmokeFree Baby. Ildiko never smoked, but her mum was a heavy smoker who only stopped during her pregnancies. She eventually quit after more than 30 years of smoking when Ildiko started to do research into smoking cessation.

David Crane

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David Crane is a website designer and psychologist with expertise in the design and development of apps that help people change their behaviour.

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